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Coaching and Conferences for women in ministry

Partner with us to provide coaching and conferences for pastor’s wives and women in ministry. Your gifts will provide support, encouragement and equipping for these faithful women who serve in isolated cities and countries.  (more info below)

To send a donation by check, write “#00105” on the memo and send to:
Eurasia Partners, 12472 Lake Underhill Road #242, Orlando FL 32828

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Testimonials from women in ministry:
“I have been a minister’s wife for 22 years, but only for the last 4 years have I had an older, more experienced, godly, insightful woman who was helped me to get through the pain of the split of our church, who helped me to know myself better, and who helped me and other leading women to be effective in ministry. I am very grateful to God for my coach in my life.” Country B

“I’m so thrilled that my coach is walking along with me in my life. She has helped me to discover strengths and grow in them. She is also training me to coach and ask good questions, and I’m able to help women in my church grow. Just recently, she started helping me to pursue a dream I have to be an English teacher and also use my English skills as a ministry.” Country B

“In my coach, I have found a friend in whom I can confide my deepest struggles and fears. I appreciate her wisdom and how she knows not just to listen to me, but how to ask the right questions to help me see more clearly. And one of the things that have really impacted me is her commitment to bring Christ and the Gospel to the center of my struggles and challenges. I will always be grateful to God for her investment in my life.” Albania

“The conference was wonderful. I loved chatting with other women in ministry, getting new ideas, supporting each other and hearing from Terri! Terri gave us each a gift with symbols of the main message. I put it on my bathroom mirror to remind me of the deep love of Jesus and how He looks at me!” Pastor’s wife


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