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Vlad & Olya: Christian School in Kiev

“We want to give more kids the opportunity to have a great educational experience! Ukraine has a great need for good schools. Praise God with us as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We look forward to many more years of God’s blessing.”

This Christian school was founded in 2013 to fulfill the great need for a good innovative school in Kiev, Ukraine. Starting as a “one-room school” they have added a new class each year; today their community has grown to 80 families and 96 kids K-6, and provides a healthy and innovative environment for children. Classes are taught in Ukrainian and English with special emphasis on parental support and involvement. The English curriculum, “School of Tomorrow,” is a unique platform they use helping the students to achieve a high level of English language skills, cultivate a Biblical worldview and build important character traits and values.

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To send a donation by check, write “#00203” on the memo and send to:
Eurasia Partners, 12472 Lake Underhill Road #242, Orlando FL 32828

Would you like to make this a recurring donation?

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Our Values:
Happy Kids – Our vision is for our students to feel loved at school and have lots of fun, so that our school is a Happy place. When children are HAPPY they accept challenges as they gain knowledge and rewards.

Healthy Community – We partner with families and actively involve them in school life: field trips, sporting events, social projects, and more. This helps us form a friendly atmosphere and creates a platform for families to communicate and support each other.

Strong Staff Team – We are working to form a team of passionate and committed teachers, by actively implementing high standards for work ethics and team work. Teaching is more than education, a True Teacher is a role model.

How Your Financial Gifts Help:
Financial sponsorship is vitally important. We use these funds to cover a lot of crucial needs: training and developing our staff, special projects for the kids, updating our materials and improving the classrooms.

The Private School concept is relatively new in our society but families are beginning to understand it’s value.  For most of our families, paying tuition is a challenge, yet a choice they make.

Your gifts help us maintain the special atmosphere of our school and keep our tuition at an affordable level.  It is not a secret that Ukraine is not in the list of wealthy countries, and the situation is made worse by ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the country.

Other Ways to Partner:
Volunteer – Short term or long term, from 1 week to 1 year. Your fluent English already makes you an English teacher :). If you are an outgoing person who loves kids, we guarantee you an amazing experience! Let us know if you are interested, and we will get in touch with you to give more details on opportunities.

Supplies – Any kind of school supplies, classroom decorations, furniture, science supplies and musical equipment are greatly appreciated! These small details help us have colorful and creative classrooms, looking more like «dream school».

“APPLE PROJECT” is our attempt to help develop technical side of the school – computer class!

We are looking to buy used Mac Books for our classes and teachers to use.  We would appreciate them to be in good condition and running well. Let us know, if you are ready for an update or if you know of someone selling their laptop!
We promise to put them to good use.  Contact us at: mrs.k.school@gmail.com






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