Marina reaching Russian Internationals

Marina is a Russian missionary reaching out to internationals in the South of France and Monaco. Partnering with a local church, she shares her faith with people from all over the world. (more info below)

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More Information

From Marina:
After I graduated from Bible College, God called me to minister with the Jesus Film (the movie based on the Gospel of Luke) Project across Russia. After that time, the Lord put in my heart to reach Russian speaking expatriates (professionals, students, tourists). My ministry partners and I were praying that the Lord would open the door for this evangelization.

Vision became stronger year after year with each of my trips overseas, conversations with friends and mass media information. Analyzing experience and processes in Russia it became clear that my fellow citizens are more open to hear the Gospel and start attending evangelical church during their time outside of Russia.

How you can help to reach “the world in miniature” for Christ?
My Ministry Partner Team is made up of churches and individuals just as yourself, people who see the need and want to help. Each Ministry Partner helps financially and through prayer.

The way the prayer part works is that I will send you a prayer letter every 6-8 weeks. Each letter will include three or four current prayer requests, as well as a brief report of what’s been happening in our ministry during the last few weeks. This way you can see what to pray about for the future, and how the Lord has already been answering your prayers.

Marina reaching out.Financially, I need $3,200 per month for both my salary and ministry expenses on the field. I currently have 50% raised. In order to raise remainder and continue to be on the field full time I need this amount as quickly as possible. So I am looking for several new faithful and generous people who want to give monthly or as one-time gift.

Your support will give those from a Russian speaking society who are difficult to reach, an opportunity to hear the Gospel. Since they live outside of the former USSR, they consider themselves as financially & professionally successful and they are the people of influence. After they become Christians they will be significant witnesses to others.

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering joining my Ministry Partner Team. Please send me an email to let me know what you have decided. I am thanking God for you!


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