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Dima and Alyona – Movement Leaders

Although we serve in a closed country, God has used our church-planting movement to help plant 22 churches in the last 11 years. Our growing churches reach out to university students and young professionals as well as orphans and families with pre-school children. Your support will help our children to attend a Christian school and supplement the minimal salary we receive from our church.

To send a donation by check, write “#00239” on the memo and send to:
Eurasia Partners, 12472 Lake Underhill Road #242, Orlando FL 32828

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More Information

We have seen the sovereign hand of God on our lives for many years:

  • We became believers during the time of the Soviet Union in an underground church.
  • We started InterVarsity student ministry in the 1990’s.
  • With a team, we started our church in 1989.
  • Our church has given birth to four daughter churches with one more coming soon
  • Our church-planting movement no includes 22 affiliated churches
  • Our vision is to see 100 churches by 2033.
  • We always support and encourage other churches and movements in nearby countries