Dodo and Mishka Michalec

Dodo and Mishka Michalec

Dodo (Joseph) and Mishka seek to plant a new church in Kosice, Slovakia. Partner with them to see people come to Christ and grow as new believers. (more info below)

To send a donation by check, write “#00241” on the memo and send to:
Eurasia Partners, 12472 Lake Underhill Road #242, Orlando FL 32828

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More Information

From Dodo (Joseph):

We love our home city of Kosice, Slovakia — the second largest city in our nation.

However there are fewer than 1% evangelical believers. There is a huge need to reach the lost and plant new churches.

We are thinking and praying about planting a new church in a city part where more than 30,000 people live and there is no evangelical church at all.

We envision a church where people hear the Gospel in a relevant way, experience genuine relationships, and enjoy quality worship. We imagine a family environment where everyone feels welcome and children enjoy attending church!

We are trusting God to see how He will lead us in His timing.




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