Celebrating 500 years of the bible in our language!

What is “500 год?”

“500 год” (“500 years“) is an evangelical project dedicated to two important events that had a great impact on country B in the year 1517: the publication of the first national translation of the Bible and the Reformation in Europe. Together they shaped spiritual, social, economic and political life of our country in the XVIth century. (more info below)

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More Information

500 years since the Bible translation and the Reformation.

From the leadership team:
Unfortunately, our society is full of stereotypes about evangelical Christians. Protestant churches are often considered a cult, and the role of the Bible and the Reformation in the history of our country is nearly forgotten.

We believe that the Bible, as well as the principles of the Reformation are still relevant and can lead to spiritual awakening once again as they did in 1517. That is why we want to bring them back to an honorable place in our history and give Protestants an opportunity to share their faith.

What do we want to do?
We plan to organize a series of events during the course of this year:

  • Photo/video project devoted to the relevancy of the Bible. We will interview 15 well-known Christians from different professional fields about why they read the Bible on a regular basis. The project will culminate with a photo exhibition and presentation of short documentary films. After that, we will start a flash mob and encourage fellow believers to share their testimonies on social media as well.
  • Internet media project. An online media about Bible and Reformation.
  • Video project on stereotypes about Protestants in our country.
  • Protestant music in our language. Translating and recording famous protestant worship hymns into our original language.
  • Concert of Protestant music from the XVIth century to modern days in our original language.
  • Pub Quiz dedicated to Skaryna, Bible and Reformation.
  • Run race dedicated to the two anniversaries: 500 km in 5 days!
  • Follow up small groups on the Five Solas of the Reformation and the Book of Romans – the epistle of Apostle Paul that inspired Luther to start the great changes.

Why do we need the funds?
To make all of the above things happen we need to raise at least $5,000. Our budget includes:

  • Production and post-production of documentary films and videos.
  •  Consumables for our photo project (photo film, processing, printing, etc) and other events (coffee breaks, hand out materials, etc.).
  • Hosting an exhibition.
  • Renting public spaces for our events.
  • Creating and hosting of a website.
  • Design (logo, website and social media design, etc.).
  • Translating, arranging, recording, mastering of protestant worship music into our original language and filming videos for them.
  • Printing of information leaflets.
  • Bibles in our original language as gifts.
  • PR and advertising of our projects and events.

How can you help?
First and most important of all is prayer support. Our team has already met some obstacles and will likely have some more on our way. So will appreciate your prayers for this project!

Obviously, funding is an important issue, too!

Please consider making a donation here and sharing this link and the project with anyone or any church that you think would like to partner to move the Gospel forward in our country!

God bless you!


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