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“Country 33” English Camp Summer Project Funding

In 2017, Eurasia Partners joined 5 local churches in this Eastern European country to reach 85 youth through a one week English Camp. Many young people made a commitment to follow Jesus. Church leaders will continue contact and follow up with those who participated this summer.

We plan to go back again in the future. If you would like to help students be able to participate in this project, $100 will fully cover the cost of a student to join the Camp for one week. (This includes room, board and transportation).

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To send a donation by check, write “#00801” on the memo and send to:
Eurasia Partners, 12472 Lake Underhill Road #242, Orlando FL 32828

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Like other cultures, Eastern European high school students are eager to learn English, interested to make new friends and open to consider faith in Christ.

Do English Camps work? In Eastern Europe they definitely do. With several years experience, our partners have found it to be an effective way to connect with the community. In addition, the community welcomes the opportunity for students to practice English with native English speakers. In Eastern Europe, High School students need English skills to find jobs once they graduate.


“Country 33” is a small southern Eastern European country that is open. Due to international politics we cannot display the country name.

Evangelicals comprise less than 2% of the total poplulation.

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