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Sanyesz and Esy in Budapest

We were both raised in non-believing homes, so our passion is to reach those for Christ who have no church background. Our current church plant is serving among the young professionals in the capital. Our hope is to see more churches in Hungary that follow Jesus and have an impact on society. (more info below)

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More Information

Paulus Movement was founded in 2001 and is an indigenous, evangelical church-planting movement in Hungary.

With an evangelistic focus and commitment to life-to-life discipleship, Paulus Movement is reaching Hungarians far from God with the Gospel and new life in Christ.

This spiritual movement possesses a ministry philosophy closely following the ministry of the apostle Paul; thus calling our ministry the “Paulus” Movement, using Paul’s Latin name. The Apostle Paul, also known as the “Apostle to the Gentiles,” took the gospel to the whole world, mainly to those people who were pagans and to those territories where the people had never heard.

In Hungary, our goal is to take the gospel to those people who have neither a church background nor any interest in church. Thus, we initiate evangelism, build and train believers to became mature disciples of Christ, and we do these activities in the context of new and continually renewing fellowships, i.e. churches.






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