Serbia – Reaching the Youth for Christ

We are Tomas and Erica. We minister to the youth interested in spiritual topics. Tanja and Sasha are interested on Bible study and also they want to start a discipleship process. Erica is meeting with Tanja and I’m meeting with Sasha. That is the discipleship one on one.I asked Sasha if he want to receive[…]read more

Hungary – Soccer Event Outreach

My name is Andras. The holiday season provided us with many opportunities to share the amazing message of how God showed His love for us by sending His Son to save us.Our Paulus soccer ministry held a “Redeemer Cup” soccer tournament. Eight boys’ teams (which means 80 kids plus their parents) competed in the morning and five men’s[…]read more

Hungary – Growth in the Budapest Church Plant

My name is Andrea. There seem to be more and more people attending the Budapest worship services and outreaches. Last month, 40 people came to a “coffee tasting” outreach. András preaches at least once a month in their services, which usually means two services that day: Diósd in the morning and Budapest in the evening (their meetings are 5-7pm[…]read more

Albania – A New Believer Growing in Christ

My name is Anxhela. I visited Agape Yzberisht Church in November, invited by my friend. My main reason for visiting was to meet a Korean couple that the church has partnership with. However, I became a believer in Jesus when I came in contact with the Gospel, especially with the Four Spiritual Laws. I have so much desire to complete the five follow[…]read more

More New Churches in Albania

My name is Rudina. This has been an exciting time when we have seen God at work in wonderful ways.  Two new churches started as results of Christmas outreaches, in one of the controversial areas for its connection with radical Islam.Christian, a young and enthusiastic church planter, whom Kejdis is mentoring, shared with us about[…]read more

Ukraine – Strong Christ-Like Men

My name is Alexander, pastor of “Fimiam Church” in Lutsk. Last month God blessed us with a variety of events in different ministries. One of them was our group of about 40 men that spent a men’s weekend in Christian fellowship at the Retreat Center. There, besides having a must needed rest they studied the Bible[…]read more