English Club becoming a church

The past months have been miraculous and inspiring for the English Club. After several years of weekly English discussion, the club started inviting people to “church” services that are organized before the real English Club. A 16-year-old named Ilya, together with his parents, is playing in the worship team and getting ready for his baptism.[…]read more

Country B: Story of a Child

This is a guy named Aleksey. I would have never thought that I would write about he changes occurred his life. God is at work in the hearts of the children in an orphanage! A year ago Aleksey was a very cocky and angry guy. He wouldn’t care much about anyone, and had no interest in anything other than his[…]read more

A Young Girl Finds Jesus!

My name is Christina. I started to read Bible and attended Sunday school in my early childhood. For some reason unknown to me soon came the time when my mother forbade me to go there and I lost relationships with people that believed in God. However, at several times in my life God allowed me the opportunity to attend meetings with[…]read more

Churches reaching university students

Recently in a limited-access country, churches helped a Christian student movement to organize a special “Mission Week” for unbelieving university students. The topics of faith and science, Christianity vs. other religions as well as God and suffering were explored. Students got an opportunity to hear the Gospel for the first time in their lives. We[…]read more

Orphan Children Drawn Closer to God

Members of the local church organized a Christmas camp called Give Hope, for orphans at a local orphanage. This boarding school has 155 children, most of them (80%) are orphans with no relatives: children without parents or relatives in general (died, deprived of parental rights, etc.), and the rest 20% have only one of the[…]read more

New Believer in Country B

My name is Oleg. My grandmother raised me since I was seven years old. I still don’t know my father and my mother had an addiction to alcohol. When I was four years old my mother lost her driver’s license because of alcoholism. I began to go to church when I went to live with my grandmother.[…]read more