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Czech Republic – Witnessing to Others What God Has Done

My name is Pavel.

A man I met at an interest club, Jirka, noticed that there was “something interesting” about me. Sometimes we had occasional discussions, and so we arranged a quiet meeting in a restaurant.

When we first asked each other about our personal background and other things, Jirka listened to my story of my family I grew up in and went through some difficult things there, learning to perceive the living Jesus; then about me and my wife Danka as we “got together” because of Jesus’s clear intervention, and for more than 20 years we’ve been loving the taste of our marriage.

Ohnostroje_127w300I told the story of the way Jesus taught us to bring up our children in quite an unusual, but effective way; then something about the way we’ve already been economically efficient for quite a long time – as we learned a lot of things in difficult times, and when Jesus took care of us really miraculously and generously at other times; and also a couple of other minor events or remarkable circumstances…

I remarked somewhere during the talk: “You know, to proclaim all this as a coincidence would seem to me statistically highly improbable.” Jirka summed up his concentrated listening: “As I’m listening to you, I don’t wonder at all that you are a believer. I’m not sure whether it’s right that I’m also a bit envious of you having this…” And so I assured Jirka that this living contact with Jesus is available to everyone and I challenged him to start communicating with Him directly. That wasn’t our last focused discussion…

“Lord Jesus, please, let yourself be known to Jirka in all your beauty and power; open his heart, so that he can accept you and start following you…” Amen.