But what if…

I have never traveled internationally – No problem, changing planes in Europe is easy and all in English.

I am coming by myself – No problem, we will meet you at the airport along the way or in Tirana.

I don’t speak Albanian – No problem, you will always have a translator nearby if you need one.

I don’t know how to teach English – No problem, you will receive prep info, we will prep each day, you will co-teach with an experienced person and finally your primary role is to speak, discuss, reach out and make new friends.

I need to leave early – No problem, we can flex with the schedule

I want to stay longer – EVEN BETTER, we can arrange for you to stay for 1-4 weeks or longer!

Email to info@eurasiapartners.org to register or get more info.

Intro to the mission trip to Albania

Step by step details