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Albania – A New Believer Growing in Christ

My name is Anxhela.

I visited Agape Yzberisht Church in November, invited by my friend. My main reason for visiting was to meet a Korean couple that the church has partnership with. However, I became a believer in Jesus when I came in contact with the Gospel, especially with the Four Spiritual Laws.

I have so much desire to complete the five follow up steps and to start a Bible study. I have started to read the Bible consistently.Edited_01My friend follows up with me regularly and we discus the Bible together. I want to learn so much about Jesus and I’m so thankful for her heart and taking the time to sit with me.

Last week I told her how Jesus is changing my life and this is a very strong reason I want to know how to apply the things I’m learning to my christian life and be pleasing to God.

I have now a main reason to go to church, Jesus Christ.