Catalyze your own walk with God as you help to plant new churches.

Albania: July 13-22, 2024

Join us for all or parts of July 12-22, 2024 to help launch a new church in the capital city of Tirana, Albania.

Come by yourself or even better, put together a team from your church or neighborhood.

Email to to register or get more info.

Why should I go?
You are uniquely qualified as a native English-speaker.
Albanian students and young professionals want to improve their English. They are interested in knowing you and open to hearing your stories of life and faith.
CLICK HERE for a video from the past.
CLICK HERE for another video that describes a similar camp.

Help to plant a new church!
Our church-planting movement partner has four churches in Tirana and has just planted another church near an important university. During the summer, high school students and university students love to go to the beach and they also love to practice their English.

We will add energy and credibility to this new church plant that is fully led by the existing church. You will initiate relationships with unbelievers and church people that will continue into the future via social media and skype.

What will I do?
> Daily schedule
Breakfast together in the hotel
Team time and planning for the day
Lunch / afternoon / dinner with new friends from the English classes / church / other
Evening English classes or other ministry
Recover and go to sleep exhausted

Who is on my Team?
The whole project is organized by our local church partner. We will serve them and they will lead us.
Your team will be led by an American Eurasia Partners leader who has served in this part of the world for 25 years.
There will be several others coming over for this special week. We will quickly form a team to serve the church and encourage each other. Because the church is organizing everything, we will be able to quickly form a team to serve them and implement their plans.

Email to to register or get more info.

How much will it cost?
$1,600 tickets from the USA east coast
$ 450 transport, housing, food, misc for the English camp in Vlore
$ 450 scholarships for 3 students to attend the English camp
$ 50 medical emergency evacuation insurance
$ 50 emergency team money as needed, donated to our partners if not used
$2,600 from July 13-22
$200 extra money for sightseeing, fishing trip, gifts for supporters, etc.
It is best if your church helps you with tax-deductible receipts, but we can help you if you are stuck.

Email to to register or get more info.

But what if…

> I have never traveled internationally – No problem, changing planes in Europe is easy and all in English.
> I am coming by myself – No problem, we will meet you at the airport along the way or in Tirana.
> I don’t speak Albanian – No problem, you will always have a translator nearby if you need one.
> I don’t know how to teach English – No problem, you will receive prep info, we will prep each day, you will co-teach with an experienced person and finally your primary role is to speak, discuss, reach out and make new friends.
> I need to leave early – No problem, we can flex with the schedule
> I want to stay longer – EVEN BETTER, we can arrange for you to stay for 1-4 weeks or longer!

Step-by-step Details
1. Recruit some friends to join you
2. Obtain a passport ASAP (no visa is required for Albania)
3. Reserve your air tickets (We have a discounted travel agent if you need help.)
4. Find some financial partners to invest in this effort. (We can help you with fundraising.)
5. Purchase your tickets 4-8 weeks before you leave.
6. Prepare to share your life story, faith story, cultural stories, etc.
7. Pack your bags. (We will send you a packing list.)

Email to to register or get more info.