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Albania – Young Believers Embracing Jesus Wholeheartedly

Greetings to you from Denis & Elsa!

We are privileged to serve the Lord among our people in Shkoder and Albania.

It is encouraging to see God answering our prayers! We had a five-day youth camp this past September, with thirty participants. All of them with a great potential to become part of a future leadership team. We spent time with the Lord and in fellowship with one another at the foot of the beautiful Albanian Alps mountains.Emmanuel_Camp_01We spent five days together sharing the Good News of Jesus and the difference He makes in people’s lives. We covered the basic subjects of Christianity, like the inspiration of the Bible, the deity of Jesus and His message of love and salvation. We also talked about the father heart of God and prayer.

They were enthusiastic while we shared about the vision of our church ministry: Building a relationship with God through Jesus our Lord and savior. Some of them have come from Muslim backgrounds and where exposed for the first time to the Gospel, nevertheless they were very thirsty and open for Jesus.

Please pray that they may continue to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and nurturing their relationship with the Lord.Emmanuel_Camp_03Emmanuel_Camp_02