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Sharing Her New-Found Faith in Albania

Edited_02My name is Eridjana.

I often tell to myself that God has been very good for everything that He has given to me. And now in these moments, when I reflect on that, and I’m remembering part of my life, I really mean that God is good and loves us as much as he forgives us countless mistakes that we do every day.

The goodness of God was shown to me when two years ago God brought someone special to me, and he introduced me the Word of God. And now, I hope God is using me for the same purpose.

In March we did a three-day training called MC2, with young people from several different churches of Albania, mainly from Tirana. Part of the training was focused on spreading the Gospel and for me this had been a real challenge. I am a type that fits good with people, but at the same time I had much difficulties talking to them about God’s Word.

This Conference really “opened my mind” and made less “timid” about this challenge for all the Christian believers. Previously I had difficulties doing the minimal talk to people that surrounded me that they didn’t know anything about Who gave us life and gives us each day everything we need. A month after the MC2 conference has been very different for me.

In the environment that I work for several months, there are many people who need to know God, but they have difficulties to accept and to listen. Recently, I invited one of my colleagues to join us in the youth meetings we organize at our church. After the first meeting, her readiness to come again was unexpected for me, even her desire to join the group has been impressive. I believe that, in this way, knowing the environment and members of the Church, knowing something new for God, she would have an easier way to become a believer.

I believe that, prayer is the key element connecting with God, it leads us closer to Him and the MC2 conference days have been a very good lesson for this very important point. I pray every day to God to use me to his benefit and that the people who surround me come to know Him, as I know Him.

He said to them, “When you pray, say: “Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.” (Luke 11:2)