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Albania – A Young Man Met Christ

ThBaptism_Albaniae next time you volunteer to cook for a church potluck, just think about how you never know how God will use it.

Tony was a young believer and even though he is a man, and opening a phyllo dough is meant to be a women’s job and specially in Albania, he volunteered to bake a pastry for a church potluck. Jurgen, his cousin, happened to be there when Toni was baking the pie. He helped him and invited himself to this church service and potluck.

This is Jurgen testimony as shared it before his baptism: “I had never been to a church in my life. Then when I saw Toni making a pie for the church, I was surprised and thought about what kind of church was this one, when people would get together for fellowship and share food. I invited myself and that day I was exposed with the message of the Gospel and later on I decided to accept Christ in my life.”

Two days ago Jurgen was among those who got baptised. He is a new believer that came to Christ in the past 6 months.