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Albania – Teacher Leads Student to Christ

KejdisMy name is Kejdis.

I was one of the thousands of Albanians and thousands Muslims around the world that celebrate the end of what they call the supreme month, which is the month of Ramadan, a month of fasting. I had determination and zeal to please God by fasting in the midst of a hot summer, by restricting myself from eating and drinking even water from early morning to dawn.

Twenty years ago, an English teacher wrote to tell me that I had to believe only in Jesus, because He was the only way. I felt she was arrogant. I believed in God too. How could she pretend that I did not have the truth?! But due to God’s grace I am thankful that I am where I am now, just because Jesus never gave up on pursuing me.

We are living in those days where to say the truth is to be blamed for not being tolerant. What do I do with dozens of statuses of Muslim friends and relatives who are happily wishing each other a blessed Bajram (their Muslim celebration)?

Jesus led me through the confusion of religious mess into the light, because He has always been faithful to His promise that He will be found by those who seek him with a sincere heart. Today let’s pray for all Muslims, that as they seek for God in the wrong direction, that in His grace God will lead them to the light and the truth. Please pray for us that God will open doors of opportunities for us to share the truth and see people coming to Jesus.  Thank you!