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Albania – MC2 Training Helping Believers Share Their Faith

My name is Luljeta.

I graduated in 2010 from the University of Vlora, and became a Christ follower while I was a student there. I grew a lot during the university years.

After graduation I moved to Tirana to find a job but it has been hard for me to find a stable job. These five years after graduation have been very hard for me spiritually with a lot of ups and downs.Luljeta_MC2Training_LatestNews_800x450One day I was referred by a friend of Eli to help her as babysitter. There I was asked by Eli if I was interested in a Bible Study. With tears in my eyes I told Eli how much I missed those days when I had a discipler in my life, and how much I needed that. The following week we started to meet together regularly for prayer and Bible study.

Eli encouraged me to take part in the MC2 Training (Multiplying Churches and Communities Training). After training, I started to think of different people with whom I could share my faith. I told my sister, and we both met with Eli to study the Bible. My sister, Manjola claimed to be a Christian, but was not sure about her salvation. So Eli shared with her from the Bible that she could be sure about her salvation. Manjola was thrilled to hear such a great news.

Now we are planning of inviting all our non-believing friends for a special Christmas meeting in our house where we can share about our Lord and Savior! Praise be to God! Pray for our non-believing friends to come to know Christ.