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Albania – Providing New Christian Leaders a Church Environment to Grow and Serve

Our names are Pellumb and Eli.

In the beginning of November we spent five days in Wittenberg, Germany. This is the city of Martin Luther. We had a chance to see the church’s door where he nailed his 95 theses on October 31, 1517. We were there because of the Western and Eastern Europe Global Church Movements Forum together with 50 other Cru staff from Eastern and Western Europe.EasternEuropeGlobalChurchMovementsForum_LatestNews_AlbaniaThe goal of this forum was to share our best working strategies. It was a great time as we shared our experiences, we discussed some of our practices and prayed for one another.

We had a chance to share in this forum the emphasis that we in Albania have placed on transitioning students who graduate to life-time movement leadership, by providing for them a church environment where they can continue to grow and serve.

Our vision for GCM Albania is to see multiplying local churches and faith communities that make, equip and mobilize disciples so that there would be such a church or community for every neighborhood and relational network in Albania. And we strongly believe that the MC2 training (Multiplying Churches and Communities Training) is a great tool that will help us accomplish this great vision.Even though in Albania the number of those who follow Christ is small and the darkness of Islam and materialism is covering our land, we cannot help but rejoice that God is raising up a new generation hungry to know and believe and do the truth. It is such a great privilege to play a small part in this.

We are convinced that with God’s favor we have yet greater work to undertake. We humbly beg you for your intercessory prayers on our behalf.MC2Students_LatestNews_Albania