More New Churches in Albania

My name is Rudina. This has been an exciting time when we have seen God at work in wonderful ways.  Two new churches started as results of Christmas outreaches, in one of the controversial areas for its connection with radical Islam.Christian, a young and enthusiastic church planter, whom Kejdis is mentoring, shared with us about[…]read more

A Believer Evangelizing in Albania

My name is Elfrida. I became a believer two years ago at Agape Yzberisht Church. I remember that I had the unique desire in my heart to share with the others the Gospel of Christ. I realized that this desire is from God and He is using me and my life for His kingdom. “My”[…]read more

Albania – A Young Man Met Christ

The next time you volunteer to cook for a church potluck, just think about how you never know how God will use it. Tony was a young believer and even though he is a man, and opening a phyllo dough is meant to be a women’s job and specially in Albania, he volunteered to bake a[…]read more

Albania – A New Believer Growing in Christ

My name is Anxhela. I visited Agape Yzberisht Church in November, invited by my friend. My main reason for visiting was to meet a Korean couple that the church has partnership with. However, I became a believer in Jesus when I came in contact with the Gospel, especially with the Four Spiritual Laws. I have so much desire to complete the five follow[…]read more

Albania – Bearing Fruit in Christ Jesus

We are Tony and Olta. While approaching the season of Thanksgiving, Olta and I like farmers who get ready to joyfully collect their  produce, we have also been full of joy in this beginning of the new ministry year. The first fruits have been harvested from this earlier ministry. Therefore we want to invite you[…]read more

Albania – International School Project

My name is Rudina. I’ll take part in a summer project targeting teachers in Tirana. I have been part of this project since it started four years ago. It is very encouraging to see how God has been working and opening ways to touch the educators and minister to them as they share their life stories and struggles,[…]read more

ALBANIA: 23 Teams Ready to Grow!

Training Conference for 23 Church Teams This is an exciting coalition of leaders and organizations who are working together to see two hundred new churches in Albania by 2020. This effort is led by Albanians who have a passion to plant new churches for new believers. Leadership teams from twenty three different churches gathered to evaluate where they[…]read more