Ukraine – Strong Christ-Like Men

My name is Alexander, pastor of “Fimiam Church” in Lutsk. Last month God blessed us with a variety of events in different ministries. One of them was our group of about 40 men that spent a men’s weekend in Christian fellowship at the Retreat Center. There, besides having a must needed rest they studied the Bible[…]read more

Summer Fun for Special Needs Children in Ukraine

Glory to our God who allowed us to have the event for young people with special needs this summer at church. This summer was the last festive meeting in this season for the young people with special needs. It was called “The Graduation”. Twenty-three children with their parents recalled what they have learned during the season and[…]read more

Ukraine: New Christian School in Kiev

Our names are Vlad and Olya. God has put in our hearts the love for kids and a passion for teaching. For many years the Lord has inspired us with the desire to start a school for children and it’s now turning into bold steps of faith. Every school day, twenty five Ukrainian kids will learn in[…]read more

Ukraine – Planting the Seed at a Youth Camp

This is our evangelistic youth camp “Touch Point” which took place at the Retreat Center, on August 8-14th. Our church team ministered to 22 unchurched young people. The Camp idea was to study Bible stories of different people who met Jesus and how He ministered them, and influenced their lives and the decisions those people made[…]read more