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A Young Girl Finds Jesus!

My name is Christina.gomel03_Edited

I started to read Bible and attended Sunday school in my early childhood. For some reason unknown to me soon came the time when my mother forbade me to go there and I lost relationships with people that believed in God.

However, at several times in my life God allowed me the opportunity to attend meetings with believers. Once I was invited to the year-round English courses in a Baptist Church. There I got acquainted with Olya. She offered me a systematic reading of the Bible and a personal discipleship course. God revealed Himself to me through His Word and my belief in Jesus was strengthening. I repented at home during the night thinking and realizing my need of God.

God called me at the right time in the right place. There was a local congregation which I decided to attend. I didn’t want to be only a parishioner but a witness and a disciple of Jesus. God allowed me to be baptized in July, 2014. It happened in a camp where there was a lot of people that were not believers, which was a great witness to them of the life of Jesus in me!

I am grateful to God for all the people that He sent into my life and now I want to help to widen God’s Kingdom in our country.