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Sharing the Word with a Non-Christian Student in Country B

VladMy name is Vlad.

As part of my responsibilities as a campus worker I meet with non-Christian students to study the Bible together. Last week I was studying the Bible together with one Canadian graduate student, Ghislain, who seems to be greatly interested in God and the Bible. During our study of the Gospel of Luke (2:36-38) I was astonished by one of his comments. He said, “Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, had nothing on this earth, but she was full of joy, praising God and waiting for the Messiah!” His statement both encouraged and challenged me. It encouraged me in the way that it was a great reminder that we Christians had already met Messiah, the Saviour of the world. God rescued us from the power of sin and gave us new life! It was also challenging for me as from time to time all of us tend (or are tempted) to forget about our redemption in Christ, focusing on impermanent things that we might lack at the moment. So, I thank God for this reminder.

I would appreciate your prayer support for my meetings with Ghislain and for his salvation. Please pray that he would find Jesus through our Bible study.