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Speaking about Jesus in the Czech Republic

My name is Radek.Story_RadekZ

In our team meetings we agreed to pray daily for God’s deep transformation to become men and women of prayer that will speak out about Jesus always and everywhere. We wanted to see spiritual movement on our country. We needed to seek God’s help to accomplish this as we can’t do it on our own. Some of us began praying daily for deep transformation in our personal lives, and interesting things began to happen.

For me personally, the Lord began to answering these prayers quickly. He led me to try to speak to someone about Him daily, even just a mention about God, the Bible, Jesus, life with God, etc. And all of the sudden there are days when it is so easy, so natural, from God’s strength. It is going very well with friends and acquaintances.

With almost every one of them that I meet, God gives an opportunity; for example, even in simply getting into a car. Even in conversations with my parents, I am suddenly able to talk more easily about Jesus and my life with Him. Also via email and Facebook God gives opportunities to mention Him. Some people react, and that mostly happens when I least expect it. I also have spiritual conversations with people who approached me on the street.