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Czech Republic: A Young Lady Meets Jesus!


My name is Jarka.

Does it ever happen to you that you feel alone? You feel really bad and have no idea what to do? It was happening to me quite frequently. But then I got to know a group of great people who did not solve this problem of mine, but brought me to a Person that since certain time is helping me with everything in my life. First I was just testing him, trying to get to know him from a distance, but finally I invited him “for a coffee”. It was the best decision of my life.

His name is Jesus and he is helping me with everything I ask him for; many times even with things I did not manage to ask him for. It was quite easy – I asked him first to help me with my wrong things (sins) in life and to guide me in all further steps. It is great to have this kind of “Partner” who helps me and never forsakes me. Only thanks to him I feel loved and know my life has meaning.

I’m hungry for more growth. I meet for Bible study almost every week. The “volume” of biblical and practical materials we are going through together is unbelievable. I was baptized in September and I’m part of a cell church group and two other transformation groups. I have brought my sister, who does not know Jesus yet, to one of them.