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Czech Republic – A Young Believer Building a Relationship with Jesus

My name is Karolina.

When I was about seven, I went to a school camp for a week. The other girls had coloring books with biblical characters, there they showed me Jesus, and I was attracted to Him. I went with them to the local church, where people were singing and holding a big paper heart which symbolized God’s love for us.

Later, I began to attend religious classes at school, and also the local church in my hometown. But gradually, it became a ritual, which was a burden to me. I didn’t know how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I felt an emptiness inside of me, which I couldn’t describe. I didn’t have good relationships with other people, not even with my sister. I often argued with her. I longed for acceptance of other people, but I wasn’t able to fully accept them.

karolina_LatestNewsWhen I was 22, my mother died. It was very difficult, I can’t even describe it with words. In this hard period, I remembered Jesus one evening. I felt as if He was there with me, stretching his hand towards me. I told him something like this: “Lord Jesus, take all my life, nothing matters to me anymore”. Jesus lavished enormous love and peace on me at that time.

Gradually, I met other people I could read the Bible with. I got to know the living Jesus and develop a relationship with Him. Jesus began to change me and my relationships and He is still in the process of changing all of it, still teaching me new things. I know that He has the best plan with my life, which is bringing joy, sharing the good news about Jesus and the happiness that we can have in Him to other people.

Praise God!