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Czech Republic: Discipleship of a New Believer

DiscipleshipIn a summer Mission Training Tom accepted Jesus.

Then Jarek and I began meeting with him, but he was hesitant to share Jesus with his friends. After about four months of regular meetings with Tom, we went again and there was his friend Michal! It was the first of Tom’s friends we had ever seen. The next week, Tom invited us to his place, and there were two more of his friends. We began to read the Bible with them. Last time at the beginning of the meeting, Michal said, “I hope that today we will again read the Bible!”

It is encouraging that after persistent work, Tom opened his “oikos” (his circle of friends, “household”). I am also excited to be going there with Jarek, for whom this has been a practical mean of spiritual growth. This is discipleship, about Jesus!