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A New Believer in Czech Republic

ZdenekMy name is Zdenek.

I am 43 years old. In April I invited Jesus into my life, in August I was baptized and became part of our cell church in Ostrava. I am rejoicing about how Jesus guides my life and I’m looking for ways how to share Him with others, besides two of my friends I already invited to our Discovery Bible study.

Faith in God for me practically means that I committed my life into His hands. I believe that anything I do has a meaning and God has his part in it. I observe him, especially in my fear of the future that I was able to get rid of.

It has proved itself several times that if I pray to God for help and if my prayer and trust come from my heart and if my plans are in concordance with His way for me, he does help me. My trust to him frees me from any fear.