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Hungary – Soccer Event Outreach

My name is Andras.

The holiday season provided us with many opportunities to share the amazing message of how God showed His love for us by sending His Son to save us.SoccerTeam_HungaryOur Paulus soccer ministry held a “Redeemer Cup” soccer tournament. Eight boys’ teams (which means 80 kids plus their parents) competed in the morning and five men’s teams participated in the afternoon competition.

Our fellow staff member, Endre, explained why it was called the “Redeemer Cup” as well as where the “different philosophy” that is held by the Paulus Sports Club comes from (i.e. our Christian faith). This event was an opportunity to reflect a noticeably “different” atmosphere (in a positive way) for a sports competition.

Keep us in your prayers that the Gospel of Christ can be heard and bear fruit through sport outreaches like this one.SoccerTeam_Parents_Hungary