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New Christian Pre-school in Ukraine to Help War Children

photo My name is Ivanka.

I would like to share more of what is happening in my country and my life.

Every day increases the number of vulnerable and socially excluded children as a consequence of the Russian military aggression on the Eastern part of Ukraine, political and economic depression and national currency collapse. Particularly in L’viv there are about 700 such families, many of them are refugees from the war zone.

In our church God’s Design, we started a ministry for these families. Currently I help poor children to learn English and Bible. But due to lack of finances and human resources, we can’t reach large quantity of children.

God gave me the vision and opportunity to open a Christian day care center in L’viv and work with kids and serve them full time.
I believe that during preschool years, children will develop characteristics that will affect their whole future life. So my main goal is to share the love of God with these kids, give them solid spiritual and emotional base, as well as pre-academic skills, in a caring, engaging and responsive environment.

The learning program will include Bible lessons, arts and crafts, educational games, English lessons, celebrating holidays, summer and winter camps and much more fun and care. We will provide kids with the some food, necessary clothing and care during their stay at the center.

At the same time in this center we project to have kids from average families, who will be able to pay for studying (we need it for covering months expenses such as rent, salary for teachers, educational materials), but main emphasis will be on the special groups for poor kids, who will study for free.

I have a great desire to serve the Lord through serving those kids full time.

To launch a day care center in L’viv I need to invest $3,000 in the purchase of  learning materials, games, school equipment, building rent for first month. My husband and I can’t cover those expenses by ourselves (in many ways due to tough financial situation in Ukraine). So I’m praying and looking for 10 people who can support me with one time gift of $300, or 30 people of a $100, or anything in the middle.
I am asking you to prayerfully consider my request.

Thank you for taking time to consider the opportunity. I’m asking the Lord to show you what to do. It would certainly be a privilege for me to have you as my ministry partner and to share the awesome work of the Lord in Ukraine!

Follow this link to contribute.