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Ukraine: New Christian School in Kiev


Our names are Vlad and Olya.

God has put in our hearts the love for kids and a passion for teaching. For many years the Lord has inspired us with the desire to start a school for children and it’s now turning into bold steps of faith.

Every school day, twenty five Ukrainian kids will learn in a new Christian English school in Kiev. We have started our work in August 2013, and have seen a great need among families of Ukraine.

This fall we are excited to open our doors for Kindergarten class, 1st and 2nd graders and their families.

Our students are enrolled in two programs: Ukrainian and American. They study all of their subjects in two languages: English and Ukrainian. This provides them with great knowledge of languages and a broader scale of information available for students today. They can benefit and take the best from both educational systems and approaches.

We believe that any school needs to have strong values and foundation. Our school’s curriculum, educational and discipline guidelines are based on Biblical worldview. Though we proclaim Christian values, we are open to any family willing to be part of the community and supporting our vision.school_kids09

Though not all of our students come from a Christian home, the critical mass are strong spiritual families. By building a special community and relationships, we believe children and their families will experience Christian community which is a powerful witness for Christ.

Beyond our school in Kiev, there is growing need and interest for similar schools throughout our country. As our school grows, we want to help other leaders to start schools in their cities and give more kids an opportunity to study in a school, they would love.


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