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Legacy of a Prayer
This picture of Gellert Hill in Budapest was taken in November of 2021. It’s a historic hill. At the top is the Citadel, where at night, most of the iconic pictures of Budapest are taken. It’s also the place of the Cave Church, which during Soviet times was boarded up. It’s a beautiful, inspiring, and simple church built into the hill. The hill is also the place of a gruesome martyrdom.

Hungary and Budapest have had a Christian heritage since Stephen I in 1000 ad. But sadly, today very few Hungarians follow Jesus. Stephen I appointed Saint Gerard Sagredo (Gellert in Hungarian), a missionary from Italy, to be the Bishop of Csanad, an area that included Hungary, Serbia, and Romania. It is said that Gellert’s last mass was held in Diosd, a small city to the southwest of Budapest.

During the Vata Pagan Uprising on September 24, 1046 Gellert was rolled down this hill either in a cart or a spiked beer barrel to his death on the rocky side you see in the pic.

At this point you might be thinking, “I thought we were talking about a mission trip.” Why the history lesson? We have no idea what kind of prayers Gellert may have offered to God on behalf of the people of Diosd and Budapest. But he must have loved them enough to die for them. Did he pray that others would come there to share the gospel? We don’t know, but what we do know is that today some Hungarians in both those cities have been praying for just that.
Could you be the answer to those prayers for the people of Diosd and Budapest?

Serve and Grow in Eurasia!
Join us from July 14-24, 2022 for two English camps and to help launch a new church in the capital city of Budapest, Hungary. One camp will be in the morning for two hours in Diosd. And the second two-hour camp will be in the evening in Budapest as they evangelize a new community to plant a new church there. your own walk with God as you help to plant new churches.

Come by yourself or even better, put together a team from your church or neighborhood. We need a team of 6-9 people. Please send us an email ASAP so that we can talk through the details:

Help to plant a new church!
Our network partner, Paulus Movement, has two churches in this area, one in Diosd and one in Budapest. They are currently in the process of starting another church in Budapest due to the large population there.
We will add energy and credibility to this new church plant that is fully led by the existing church network. You will have the opportunity to begin relationships with Hungarian unbelievers and believers that will continue into the future via social media.

Who is Paulus?
Paulus’ ministry strategy is threefold.
• To be present in the community where they live
• To build relationships with those in their community
• To share the gospel in those relationships

One way for our team to be present is by teaching English. Summer English camps are an important part of this strategy, but it’s been 2 ½ years since they have been able to host a camp.

There are the two main goals for these camps:
• Help their neighbors learn English which they need for work, school, and job opportunities.
• Share the gospel in natural conversations during the camp as opportunities arise.

Paulus’ motto is “Iron Sharpens Iron” from Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Why should I go?
You are uniquely qualified as a native English-speaker.
Hungarian adults, students and young professionals want to improve their English for a variety of reasons. They are interested in knowing you and are open to hearing your stories of life and faith. By tutoring Hungarians, YOU could be the person to sharpen their English skills, YOU could be the person God uses to sharpen them spiritually to become open to the gospel.

Who is on my Team?
The whole project is a cooperation between Paulus, Eurasia Partners, and churches. Because we value national leadership at Eurasia Partners, the mission team will serve in a support role while Paulus will lead the camps. The mission team will be led by a Eurasia Partners staff member who has served in this part of the world at various times since 1993. We will form a team before the end of March to prepare to serve Paulus, implement their plans, and encourage one another.

What will I do?
> Daily schedule
Breakfast together in the hotel
Team time and planning for the day
Morning 2-hour English Camp in Diosd
Afternoon (activities to be determined)
Dinner with team
Evening 2-hour English Camp in Budapest
Recover and go to sleep exhausted

How much will it cost?
$1,400 Flight: tickets from the USA east coast
$ 570 Personal costs:
• Housing
• Food
• Public transport tickets (metro, bus)
$ 320 Camp related costs:
• Transport to and from airport
• Transport to and from camp – 5 days
• Paulus admin fees
• Fuel and van rental – 5 days
• Orientation and Debrief meetings
• Paulus Buda camp facility rental
• Closing dinner with campers
$ 60 Travel insurance: Medical/emergency evacuation, etc.
$ ?? Covid testing (PCR, etc.) or related costs
$2,350 Total required
$300 extra money for sightseeing, souvenirs, gifts for supporters, etc.

We will have several days of touring included so that you can sightsee in both Diosd and Budapest. There will be opportunity to buy souvenirs, eat at local restaurants, and enjoy the culture.

It is best if your church helps you with tax-deductible receipts, but we can help you if you are stuck.

Email to to register or get more info.

But what if…
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